Educational institutes
Gepubliceerd op: 15-12-2016
Geprint op: 20-09-2021
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There are about 80,000 students in Rotterdam. The Erasmus University, the Delft University of Technology and several universities of applied sciences offers a wide range of study programmes.

Student associations

Starting a study in Rotterdam means a fresh start: living on your own, having a different lifestyle and meet new people. Joining a student association is a good way to expand your circle of acquaintances and  make new friends.  From sports to subject-related study associations, to music and international organizations: in Rotterdam there is plenty to get involved in.

A student association will give you an added opportunity to fully enjoy your student years and to develop yourself further. If you organize your time efficiently, you should have enough time to do things other than just study – so why not go for it? You’ll have no trouble finding a student association that suits you.