Recruiting staff or finding a job
Gepubliceerd op: 15-12-2016
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To recruit staff, use the services of temporary employment agencies or the Centre for Work and Income ('CWI').

Temporary employment agencies operate as private businesses and can assist you in recruiting employees for a limited period of time.

Pre-arranged fee per hour

Many agencies specialise in a particular sector. You pay the agency an pre-arranged fee per hour of labour and they will see to all compulsory insurances, payment of wage tax and payment of salaries. Addresses of temporary employment agencies can be found in the telephone directory (heading 'Uitzendbureau') or at

Employment office/UWV

The UWV can assist you in finding new employees by publicizing the positions in question (free of charge). This is done on (Dutch only) and on 'vacancy billboards'. If you wish to advertise for multiple vacancies, the employment office can assist you with a team of consultants. On top of this, the employment office can be of help in the recruitment and first selection of suitable candidates.

In matters of human resource management, the UWV is available as an impartial advisor. You can address the employment office for information concerning:

More information

Further information can be obtained from the employment office in your area. Addresses can be found at the UWV website (only in Dutch). You can also send an e-mail: The employment offices are open Monday through Friday (08.30 -16.30).

Recruiting foreign staff

No specific restrictions apply for the recruitment of staff from most European countries. For recruiting employees from other countries you have to comply with certain rules regarding work and residence permits.

Recruitment within the European Union (outside the Netherlands)

There are no restrictions on the recruitment of employees with the nationality of a EU member state; Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. Bulgaria and Romania are excluded of this stipulation. These restrictions may be mitigated in the near future. The UWV Werkbedrijf can advise you regarding these matters. Along with similar organizations in other European countries, UWV is member of EURES (European Employment Services). The EURES organization enables access to a European network of job market experts.

Recruitment outside the European Union

If you wish to recruit persons from other countries, you must apply for a work permit. Such a permit is only obtainable if you can prove that there are no suitable employees available within the European Union for this position. A work permit must be applied for at the CWI. Your application will be assessed based on the national and European job market. Sometimes a work permit is issued with a limited validity; in other cases the permit may include specific conditions.

More information

Please contact the UWV-office in your region or UWV, Legal department
Schiekade 830
3032 AL Rotterdam 
010 - 850 22 40

Visit for more information about the procedure and conditions.